Zoetigheyd ecological olive oil

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On the sun-soaked slopes of the Rooiberg in the ancient Renosterveld lie the olive groves of Zoetigheyd farm. Here nature speaks in taste, peace with Nature, peace with Mother Earth, peace with all life and peace with the sun and moon. Combining energies together with the farmers to create the most delicious oil imaginable. By carefully blending the oils from three cultivars, Zoetigheyd farm produces a mild and an intense flavoured oil.


Taste and usage : For the casual gourmet, the mild flavoured oil is strong support to the enjoyment. However, those who are keen on enjoying with the salads, and cooking of Southern European kitchen, for the ciabatta dripping in olive oil with a glass of well chilled wine, will quickly recognize the Zoetigheyd intense fruity blend as the one to go for. It has so much verve, character, personality and presence from the Renosterveld. The heat of the sweet Karoo air and the gracious peppery essences of Africa.


Ecological Impact : Out of the harsh alluvial soils of the succulent veld, age old trees, olives draw their nourishment and produce some of the world's most beautiful natural olive oil. compost and natural compounds are used, drip irrigation and conservation reserves. Under the clear skies of the Klein Karoo the berries mature, are hand-picked in the coolness of the morning to preserve their most fragrant flavours. Berries are further taken to the press and the oil you will so enjoy is extracted immediately.


Recognition : Zoetigheyd showed the way at the 2020 SA Olive Oil Awards, winning a record 4 gold medals and a silver medal for their extra virgin olive oils. A medal haul unmatched in the olive oil industry.

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