Tanzanian Kahawa Coffee

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Kahawa means coffee in Swahili. Kahawa coffee beans come directly from the small farmers' cooperative in Nkoaranga Village. This coffee IS grown at 1500m on the slopes of Mt Meru in Northern Tanzania. The mountain is a sleeping volcano, making the soil very fertile which is perfect for growing coffee cherries. The coffee cherries are grown by the Aranga Coffee Group, which includes 28 families maintaining their own farms on the mountain slopes. The families have a long tradition with coffee farming. Some are the 3rd generation of coffee farmers and still have trees dated back to the period around 1910 when missionaries introduced the first coffee trees to the area. Every family has their own small land where they handpick the coffee, pulp it and dry it, before roasting and packaging by local workers in a small factory, in the village.

Environmental impact: Cultivation methods of coffee trees show respect for the soil, the plants and sustainability.

Hint: Since the coffee grows on the mountains, the harvested coffee beans are harder. The harder the bean, the better the aroma.

Origin: Tanzania

Roast profile Taste

  • Medium: The medium roast of Kahawa is light with a mild taste of chocolate and nuts. It tastes best when brewed with a filter or in the French press.
  • French: The French roast is a bit darker with a round taste. It has a creamy taste of nuts and chocolate. Because of its intense taste, it is preferably brewed in the French press or as an espresso.
  • Dark: The dark roasted Kahawa coffee has a rich and aromatic taste of nuts and dark chocolate. Mostly it is enjoyed as an espresso because of its very exciting taste.

Strength: very strong

Acidity: less acidic

Body: fully washed, full-bodied

Bean quality: 100% Arabica

  • Brewing: fully automatic coffee machine, filter infusion, French press, Drip & auto-drip, mokkapot & Aeropress
  • Organic