Rwanda Farmers Coffee

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This coffee is grown by farming communities at high altitude on the extremely fertile volcanic soils of Rwanda. The selected coffee beans are roasted in different Profiles by Rwanda Coffee Farmer’s roasting plant and packaged ready for shipping. Carrying out the entire production at origin before shipment ensures the outstanding quality of this exceptional coffee. This top-quality comes entirely from Rwanda and stands out from many other coffee varieties. Local production creates jobs and makes it possible to pay the producers a fair price for this delicious coffee. Fulfilling the Beyond fair-trade slogan.


Roast profile Taste

  • Light: The roast cupping taste is Juicy acidity, body is smooth, the aroma reminds of redcurrant, green apple, black-tea. It has a vegetal note when aging.
  • Medium: The full-bodied flavours include hints like - slightly Smokey, slightly spicy, dark chocolate, raisins prune and nuts. It tastes best when brewed with a filter or in the French press. As the beans begin to age, the taste becomes sweeter.
  • Dark: The dark roasted coffee has a rich and aromatic taste, some smokey flavour, spices like pepper, dark chocolate, caramel and dried fruits. Mostly it is enjoyed as an espresso because of its very exciting taste.

Strength: strong

Acidity: smokey, sweet Description: 100% Arabica Coffee, specialty (84% plus, SCAA) Grown and roasted in Rwanda organic cultivation on volcanic soil.

Origin: Rwanda, Body : Completely washed

Bean quality: 100% Arabica

  • Brewing: fully automatic coffee machine, filter infusion, French press, Drip & auto-drip, mokkapot & Aeropress
  • Fair-trade