Kericho Gold Tea

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Highlight : a perfect cup of tea every time.

Kericho Gold brand is a special blend of fine teas from some of the best tea farms in Kenya.
Kericho Gold Teas and Infusions are naturally tasty and full of fragrance in each variety.

Quality is maintained by expert Tea Tasters for the richness of their taste, flavour and aroma. Guaranteeing premium taste with every brew.


Description of tea Profiles

  • Black Tea: A blend of high grown teas carefully selected from the lush Tea Gardens of the Kenyan Highlands gives Kericho Gold its great taste and character. The black Tea range is available in loose tea and Teabags.
  • Speciality Teas & Infusions: A range of speciality tea, fruit & herbal blends rich in taste, bursting with refreshing flavours and soothing aromas.
  • Health & Wellness tea: A range of herbs that have been known and used for their medicinal properties. This range consists of functional teas that focus on the health and well-being of its drinkers. Brew your perfect cup from our health and wellness range teas and live a tea positive life.
  • Attitude Teas: A range of exciting new flavours, packed with an intimacy of extremes, balanced with aroma that creates an essential great bond with no stings attached, but to punctuate your day with precious and refreshing pauses. Packed in exciting packaging that speaks the language of the young and the young at heart.
  • Luxury Pyramid Teas: This range contains unique and sought-after teas with distinct taste and colour.


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